Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hook, Line, and Sinker

"Apologetics are like bait. Now if you go fishing with bait and no hook, you're not going to get any fish. You may get some fat, happy fish that get away, but if you want to be effective you use the bait to disguise the hook. When the fish come around, you pull the hook in. The bait is apologetical argument, you use different bait for different people, or different fish..." Ray Comfort.

Atheist Central is Ray's fishing hole. He baits his hook with crockaducks, atheist starter kits, false quotes from Einstein, bananas, and coke cans. The hook is an emotional appeal using God's law "because everybody knows, when you bring out those commandments, that they've, that they've violated them, that they've broken them and that they're going to need God's forgiveness on the day of judgment. And it's a good, strong hook that we should never fail to use when we're sharing our faith." Unfortunately although atheists frequently rise to bait they are never caught by the hook. Ray is content to let the atheists strip his hook because although the fish gets away today, he thinks he has pricked the heart with God's Law and one day he will be able to reel that fish into the fold. Ray's goal is to get his message heard by any means fair or foul. It is not in his interest to be rational and moderate. The truth of evolution is irrelevant. Bashing evolution draws atheist to his blog like flies to dung. No matter what evidence is given or how many times he is corrected Ray sticks to his guns and continues to post lies, misleading statements, and insults. Why? Because that's his plan. Bait the atheists.

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nonmagical thinking said...

I agree, that's why I don't take his bait by commenting there anymore. Well, that and I don't want to further his cause by giving him quotes to use in his crappy book.